Long Enough! Straight Enough! Brave Enough?

Long Enough! Straight Enough! Brave Enough?

If you are looking for plain and boring, you won`t find it at scarylong. Nor will you find a fashion-store price tag, scarylong exclusive designs are great value. And spend £50.00 and receive free postage*.

scarylong golf polo shirts triple packs

Grab one of our Christmas Specials: golf shirts from £9.95 to £21.95. And if you spend £50 or more, add a free cap! On Monday 2nd December only, FREE UK POSTAGE.

scarylong 2012 Golf Shirt Range

Take advantage of the scarylong golf logo`ed shirt service - for a great look for your league team, pro-am day, holiday or open events.

scarylong Embroidered Golf Shirts

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...or pick one of your favourite colours

Jazzy Blues

For royal, navy and sky blues and dark and bright purples, seven shirts are available in the Jazzy Blues colour range, most available in extra-small to 3XL.

Sweet! Purple/White/Black Golf Polo Shirt - Monster! Blue/Neon Pink Golf Polo Shirt - Monster! Sky Blue/Grey Golf Fleece - Sweet! Blue/White/Black Golf Polo Shirt - Melted! Royal Blue/Yellow/Red Golf Polo Shirt - Melted! Navy/Black/White Golf Polo Shirt - Nailed! Aubergine/Black Golf Polo Shirt - Sweet! Purple/Aubergine Golf Polo Shirt - Sweet! Royal Blue/Navy/Sky Golf Polo Shirt - Nailed! Sky Blue/Black Golf Polo Shirt- Royal Blue Lightweight Cap - Navy Blue Lightweight Cap - Purple Lightweight Cap

Vibrant Whites

Three vibrant white golf polo shirts, with bright contrasting coloured trim, are available in this range. Most are available in size small to 3XL.

Nailed! White/Neon Pink Golf Polo Shirt - Melted! White/Orange/Fluoro Green Golf Polo Shirt - Melted! White/Navy/Royal Blue Golf Polo Shirt - Melted! White/Red/Royal Blue Golf Polo Shirt - White Lightweight Cap

Juicy Oranges

A fabulous Summer colour; combined in most cases with black trim for a bright but also very smart appearance.

Nutted! Orange/Black Golf Polo Shirt - Sweet! Orange/White/Black Golf Polo Shirt - Melted! Orange/Fluoro Green/Black Golf Polo Shirt - Monster! Black/Orange Golf Polo Shirt

Edgy Blacks

Black will always be in style but we add an edge with trim in a range of edgy colours

Monster! Black/Lime Green Golf Polo Shirt - Nailed! Black/Blue Golf Polo Shirt - Monster! Black/Neon Pink Golf Polo Shirt - Nutted! Black/Sky Blue Golf Fleece - Nutted! Black/Grey Golf Fleece - Monster! Black/Orange Golf Polo Shirt - Monster! Black/Fire Red Golf Polo Shirt - Black Lightweight Cap

Fiery Reds

Outstandling red and pink coloured shirts in most sizes from extra-small to 3xl. You just need to decide if you are brave enough?

Sweet! Maroon/White/Black Golf Polo Shirt - Sweet! Red/White/Black Golf Polo Shirt - Monster! Dark Red/Black Golf Polo Shirt - Sweet! Neon Pink/Black/White Golf Polo Shirt - Nutted! Neon Pink/Black Golf Polo Shirt - Nailed! Neon Pink/White Golf Polo Shirt - Melted! Red/Royal Blue/White Golf Polo Shirt - Monster! Red/Yellow Golf Polo Shirt - Red Lightweight Cap

Nervy Neutrals

Some neutral colours brought to life with contrasting trim.

Sweet! Grey/White/Black Golf Polo Shirt - Nutted! Grey/Sky Blue Golf Fleece - Nutted! Black/Sky Blue Golf Fleece - Nutted! Black/Grey Golf Fleece - Monster! Sky Blue/Grey Golf Fleece - Monster! Elephant Grey/Black Golf Polo Shirt - Black Lightweight Cap

Undulating Greens and Others

Bright greens and yellow; and some rather bright colour combinations.

Sweet! Yellow/Red/Black Golf Polo Shirt - Sweet! Green/Red/White Golf Polo Shirt - Sweet! Lime/Green/Black Golf Polo Shirt - Melted! Fluoro Green/Yellow/Red Golf Polo Shirt - Monster! Bright Green/Red Golf Polo Shirt - Sweet! Yellow/Brown/Black Golf Polo Shirt - Green Lightweight Cap - Yellow Lightweight Cap

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Micro-Fibre Fabrics

Fabrics containing micro-fibres provide two exceptional benefits to golf clothing; the soft-feel and moisture absorbent qualities result in a shirt that does not cling to the body... providing a comfortable and dry environment for a full, free swing.

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We make every effort to keep the stock quantities accurate and as up-to-date as possible. When the stock is low, feel free to check quantities by emailing us at moc.gnolyracs@selas.

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